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Wild Call to Boulder Field


Wildlife Adventure Fiction

"The dust of the trail, the kiss of the sun, a person who seeks his healing in the loyalty and fortitude of dogs and the penetrating magic of wild things--this novel has everything I myself resonate with. Most of all, it has love. A deep, heartfelt passion infuses these pages, sweeping us along in the heroes quest."

--CARL SAFINA, author of Becoming Wild; How Animal Cultures Raise Families; Create Beauty; and Achieve Peace

"As I tilt at windmills these days, more often from my writing desk, I imagine improbable canine encounters with dogs and coyotes, or any of the four-legged animals of grace and perfection."
~Robert Ronning

The cover of Wild Call to Boulder Field includes a male figure, a coyote in the Sonoran Desert
Website Photo: File: "Mount Wrightson from Madera Canyon.JPG" by
Mikesanchez1109 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. To view a copy of this
This stunning photo is of an area in the setting of Wild Call to Boulder Field:
An Arizona Trail Adventure
,a novel by Robert Ronning. Heartfelt thanks from R.R.

"Here is a surprisingly good book by a dog and wild
animal lover who stalks lost animals and the biggest
cat on the continent in the boulder strewn maze of the Lower Sonoran Desert. The natural history is immaculate, but it is how Robert Ronning treads the edge of the sentient with animals both wild and domestic that got my attention: The author has an uncanny eye for this wild boundary, occasionally crossed by the huge cats and bears of our primordial dreams. There are great lessons of compassion in this book."

        --DOUG PEACOCK, Author, Naturalist, and                                          wilderness warrior

Story Summary

Called the wildlife whisperer by folks in tiny Outpost, Arizona, disgruntled park ranger WADE CONRAD is inconsolable when his Golden Retriever Abby goes missing. After a month-long search, Wade seeks solace on the ARIZONA TRAIL, where he comes across a lost terrier and a disaster-prone young "enviro" on a bike. Surprises and setbacks turn to danger when the Westie vanishes. The loss is deeply personal for Wade--animals come first--and he vows that he will not lose this dog, too. Despairing of any real hope of finding the Westie, Wade hears the recurring calls of a mysterious coyote. Against all reason and safety, Wade follows the calls to a vast, remote boulder field, where he must reach deep within himself and far beyond the typical barriers between man and wildlife to save his new companion.

Meet Robert Ronning

A while back, I turned from teaching performance literature to writing about dogs and wildlife. I've added my voice to those who believe we should allow wild animals to be what they were born to be. I live in Southern Arizona, and escape the summer heat in the White Mountains, a short dog-walk to the National Forest and wonderful encounters with wildlife.

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